viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

Digital identity.Investigation

We have been working on digital identity, I have had to investigate group number 9, Ángela C and Laura E.
1. What can I find about my classmates?
- I couldn't find anything about them because they don't have any social networks and google doesn't have any trace of them.
2. What do others see about you on the internet?
- Some sociales networks like prezi, symbaloo, twitter or instagram.
- I play football, the team where I play and some matches I've played.
3.What does google know about me?
- They keep track of my everyday movements.
- My preferences and some pages I usually browse.
- What devices I usually use.
- My sex, age and name.
- My history.
What have you changed?
- Anything.
4. Let's control what google shows about us.
- It shows my name, sex and birthday.